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VoteReward - Open Source vote plugin for PocketMine by LDX

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PocketVote - Immediate rewards plugin by ProjectInfinity (plugin for LEET servers is available in the LEET app)

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Retrieving voting information using API key and REST API

The user voting information can also be retrieved by ussing the API key provided when the server is registered and utilizing the REST API. Below follows the description of the API for Minecraft PE servers to get user voting information.{type}/{api_key}/{username}

The parameters:


  • check for checking if the username has voted for this server during the last 24 hours

  • claim to set a vote during the last 24 hours for the username as claimed

  • api_key

    API Key is assigned to the server upon the registration and can be found on the server page (visible to the owner only)


    The name of the player to check


    JSON indicating if the user has voted during the last 24 hours and if the vote has been claimed.

    Returns JSON with an error indication upon an error

    To check whether a player has voted in the last 24 hours{type}/{api_key}/{username}

    *If voted is true and claimed is false then this line is returned:*

    > {"username":"troll","voted":true,"claimed":false,"type":"check"}

    After the plugin finds “voted: true” and “claimed: false”, plugin goes on to attempt to claim the vote
    *If voted returns true and claimed is true then this line is returned:*
    > {"username":"troll","voted":true,"claimed":true,"type":"check"}

    The plugin then doesn’t go on to attempt to claim the vote.
    *If voted returns false:*
    > {"username":"troll","voted":false,"claimed":false,"type":"check"}

    Plugin doesn’t attempt to claim the vote
    **To set a vote as claimed for a player**

    > {"username":"troll","voted":true,"claimed":true,"type":"claim"}

    True if the player has voted

    claimed will be "true" if the claim was successful, false otherwise

    {"error":"Incorrect API key"}
    {"error":"Wrong method specified"}