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A new chill server, there's not much rules but there is rules to keep the game fair, and stable for the future
the Basic rules include, No Hacking of any kind, No griefing, etc. be a nice player and make it fun for everyone else
if you break these rules in the beginning we are going to be really hard and ban instantly, since this used to be hosted as a anarchy server before. so we are not allowing that what so ever. you will get banned instantly!
This server will be updating regularly and we are looking for active mods, builders, devs, anything. so come join say whats up
and if you become a regular come help me make this server great and unique with more plugins as time comes.
we also have a discord for this server come join that as well! (link is on the server when u first join).
i am also always ready for requests and more things you would like to be added to this server. i want to make it a enjoyable place for everyone.
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