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Welcome to IntenseRaids! My name is Aventon and I will be the owner of this unique factions server. My intention of creating IntenseRaids is to bring forth a premium and fun experience for all minecraft players who enjoy the aspect of factions. You can expect many updates in the future that will enhance your involvement in pvping.


We offer a wide variety of features including many custom plugins. Here are some plugins and features to start off:

Auction House: Use the command /ah to bring forth a GUI system where you can buy and sell your items at your own price!

ShopGUI: No more pesky physical shops that make you run around trying to find the items you are trying to buy and sell. Access our virtual shop with the command /shop for easy access to items.

Envoys: Envoys and supply crates will spawn every 6 hours outside of our spawn at the North Exit! These crates give you special rewards. Each reward has different percentages depending on their rarity level. Here are the levels ->NormalRare, and Exclusive.

Custom Enchants: We currently have a custom enchants plugin in place! To receive custom enchants, just visit our warp enchants and put your items in an anvil. Custom enchants will start appearing at higher levels (30+)

1.7 TNT Cannons: IntenseRaids introduces and reverts the TNT mechanics back to 1.7 so you may experience an amazing raiding experience. All cannons that previously worked in 1.7 should work on our server!

Mob Stacker: To decrease lag in both the server and your client, we have integrated stacked mobs. When using grinders, similiar and close mobs will begin to "stack" and combine into one entity.

PotionFix: Strength II is simply too overpowered and very unfair in fights, we have limited the effects and have nerfed the attributes you will gain from drinking this potion.

Armor Switching: Our very own custom plugin lets you switch armor by simply right clicking an item in your hotbar, even in battle! This plugin should help your pvping when your armor is low and you need to switch it out for a new set of armor.

These are only some features that exist in IntenseRaids (There are over 60+ plugins!).

Hope to see you online!
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