[UK]The Exile Server [Pvp][Gates][Mob-hunting][LandClaim]

[UK]The Exile Server [Pvp][Gates][Mob-hunting][LandClaim]

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Welcome To The Exile Server! 

We Are A Semi Vanilla Server With Some nice Plugs To Give The Server A RPGFeel To It 

We Have MiniBosses That Give You Some Very Cool Loot Drops,Land Claim To Protect Your Home's, In-Game Money Is A Real Item That Drop's From Mobs When Killed, Make A Vault To Protect Your Money, We Have A In Game Shop To Buy All Your Item Also A Place Where You Can Make Your Own Shop And Earn Some Extra Money, All Ranks On This Server Are Free But There Some Goals You Must Reach To Unlock Them This Can Be Found In Our Server Libaray. There So Much More To This Server, So Come Join And Find Out More! We Are Adding Lots More Plugins As The Time Goes, Got Idea's? Got A Plug You Want Added? Then Ask Yojimbo44 In Server :D!! Here Is Some Of The Plugs We Use So Far There Is Over 50 plugs On The Server!
- Creativegates 

- Griefprevention 

- Gringotts 

- Mob Hunting 

- Silk Spawners 

- Creeperheal 

- SignShop2 

- Mini Bosses 

- MiniChests 

- Time&Weather Voting 

We Are 24/7! Only Down Time Is For Updates And Bug Fixes! Vote For Us And Get Great Rewards! So Come Join The Exile! And Have Fun! Bring Your Friends! See You Soon Yojimbo

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[UK]The Exile Server [Pvp][Gates][Mob-hunting][LandClaim]


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