Archery Brawl

Archery Brawl

Submitted by Archery


Welcome to Archery Brawl. This is a unique OP Factions server that is 1.12 but has hit delays/cooldowns on tools disabled. We have custom plugin, a java developer, and 1.12-1.8.x support. However its highly recommended that you use 1.12.

  • +Faction fly for everyone.
  • +1.12 with 1.8.x Support, No hit delay or cooldowns on tools.
  • +24/7 - 98 Uptime.
  • +Custom Plugins.
  • +Auctions.
  • +100 faction power /f power.
  • +Proximity Detectors Useful for big bases.
  • +Lava Buckets that generate cobble when placed, Buckets stackable.
  • +All mobs and players drop their head upon being killed.
  • +Everyone has 10 /sethomes and /ec.
  • +Modern shop. /shop will open a GUI to buy and sell items.
  • +You are able to rate players with /rep.
  • +Enchantments go up to level 10 Level X Gear.

+You are given more then enough obsidian for free to help with making your base
We have little to no resets, because we believe that all players should 
be able to keep their bases, stashs, and builds for as long as they like
or as long as they can protect it.

2+ Years of work/development went into this server.

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Archery Brawl


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