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    We try to keep our moderation very light but if you don't follow the rules the following punishments will ensue:

    • Inflammatory posts will be removed and the user will get a warning
    • After several warnings, you will receive a short ban of a few days
    • If you continue to break the rules, you will receive a longer ban
    • If you break the rules after the longer ban you will be permanently banned

    Actual punishments can be altered by the moderators of the site as deemed fit for the situation. For example, if you make an account for the sole purpose of spamming your furniture e-commerce website, you will be banned permanently and without warning.

    General Rules

    • Racism, sexism and bigotry are strictly prohibited
    • Anything of a sexual nature is not permitted on the forums, and depending on the type of content posted, could result in a permanent suspension of your account.
    • Keep discussion civil and relevant. Do not harass or threaten other users or use our forums as a platform to stage attacks on others.
    • Do not abuse any feature of the forum or website, or else your priveleges may be revoked and you may be punished. This includes the reactions system.
    • Profanity (swearing) should be used in moderation and shouldn't be directed at other people or businesses. This is up to a moderator's discretion.
    • Do not post threads in the wrong category
    • No explicit advertisement of any service or product outside of the specified forums.
    • Any release of private or personal information of another user is not permitted under any circumstances. In the event that you share another user's information without explicit permission, your account will be suspended.
    • Keep the forums in english as much as possible. English speakers should be kind to other users who aren't as fluent in English.
    • Discussion or distribution of illegal content is not permitted in any form. The Minecraft List community does not give any form of support for pirated content.
    • It is not permitted to give or request advice of a legal nature on these forums. Such requests should be handled by a lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.
    • Ban evasion under any form is not permitted. Using an alternate account to evade punishment will result in both accounts being permanently suspended.
    • Users will take all responsibility for actions performed on their account. Making sure your account is secure is your responsibility.
    • In dispute of unlisted rules, a moderators say is final.


    The rules stated above are subject to change, and will be in effect as soon as they are added to this list. By joining the server and/or forums, you are subject to these rules. We have the power of changing the rules without notification.
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