Yandere High School 2016-2017


Submitted by EricaYHSNewYears


Hilo Fellows! I'm EricaSprite030, Owner of YHS 2016-2017! My server has been taken down a few times... Okay a bunch of times. But it's back! And... BUMBUMBUMBUM!!!!~ THERES A WHOLE NEW SCHOOL! The school is one of the LARGEST SCHOOLS IN MCPE. EVER! And not in my opinion either, I got a BUNCH of people's opinions. Ehhhhhhh....... Anyways, if you need help with anything, here are the people to ask!:EricaSprite030OnlyBagelsZeltaZxBonNom7YandereLilyChanRebel_GamezTordSenpaiKatyTheGirlCatSugarSenpai7014DartenHalleBear0510 ( Possibly) PippbeeMargoChanSenpaiGwenTheGlitchLuckyLexie123SupImTordNow... let my final words be... Stay Safe, Have fun.
VintageErica ,

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