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[ Cavetale 1.20.4 ] Survival • Custom Items • Weekly Events
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Who are we? We are a Minecraft community invested in exploring new gameplay ideas to be integrated with vanilla Minecraft. On Cavetale, you can play the way you want. Play the core vanilla game, undisturbed. Progress in our custom made skills system with its extensive talent tree. Build a city together with the rest of the community and let our custom made convenience features assist you. Take your friends on an exciting monster raid or other hosted regular events.

Who are you? You have a passion for Minecraft and are looking for a server to call your new place to be. One that has many years of history and many more to go. Where a functioning and welcoming community is held higher than the quick mini game fix. You like to discuss existing features with us and suggest new ones. Ideas are always welcome as we make our own plugins. If any of this describes you, then look no further. We want you to come play with us.

Our team is a curated staff of plugin developers, event hosts, and moderators. Together we are fostering a friendly and welcoming community. We do our utmost to maintain a functioning and meritocratic economy where effort is rewarded. We designed a comprehensive ruleset and plenty of tools to ensure nobody gets to cheat or spoil your fun.

Game modes: Our network offers first and foremost the Home world where you play in survival mode. Here, you claim land to make your base, towns, farms, or anythin else. All worlds share a currency which is earned in-game and is needed to grow claims and trade with each other. We have a dedicated Mining world which resets once a week so that resources never run out and the Home world stays pristine. Furthermore, you can plan your builds on our creative server.

  •     Home World with claims and homes
  •     Mining World (resets once a week)
  •     Economy, Market World and Auctions
  •     Mass Item Storage for easy inventory management
  •     Chat with global, local, private, party channels
  •     Link Portals to connect your bases and transport entities
  •     (Active Development) Skills System with unlockable Talents
  •     (Experimental) A streaming bot letting you watch the server any time
  •     Regular Hosted Events like dungeons, competitions, or mini games
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