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Welcome to Age of Elysian, a server that has been providing a feature-packed experience for over a decade. As one of the most
comprehensive cracked Slimefun-Towny servers with RPG elements, we're always adding new features to keep things fresh.

We have something for everyone. Whether you enjoy building automated mega factories, min-maxing the ultimate PvP build with stat modifiers,
skills, and dungeon loot, running a world conquest as a powerful nation, or simply adventuring and doing quests, we have it all.

According to our statistics, over 90% of players who have clocked
in over 50 hours with us never play on another server. We're confident that you'll love our server and be hooked from the start, so come join
us and experience everything we have to offer. Who knows, we might just be the last server you ever play!

We use Towny to allow players to band together. Players can claim land, set roles, and grow their town from a small hamlet to a sprawling metropolis. Towny is less geared towards raiding than Factions, and offers a more flexible way for players to create and grow their own communities.

Gather your friends and prepare for an adventure in our custom-built dungeons. These expansive dungeons offer unique challenges and puzzles for you and your party to overcome, with custom mobs created specifically for each dungeon. Plunder valuable loot, gear, and unique weapons. The difficulty level of each dungeon adapts to your party's size and strength, ensuring that every dungeon run remains a  challenging experience.
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