Age Of Elysian - Cracked - Towny - Slimefun

Age Of Elysian - Cracked - Towny - Slimefun

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[size=85][size=200]Age of Elysian[size=85]
[size=85][size=100][size=85][size=150]Slimefun With this plugin there are over 400 items added including everything from super jumping slime boots to energy systems and nuclear reactors. [/size][/size]
[size=150]Build your own Town.
[size=85]Use the [size=150]Towny plugin to claim land and protect your builds from griefing. Grow your town by adding more people and make new friends [size=85]as you work together to create your own community[/size][/size].
[/size][size=150]Custom Dungeons, Mobs, and Bosses [/size]You and your friends can fight together against custom mobs and bosses in hand built custom dungeons and earn custom loot and rewards!
[/size]Custom Battles System  Custom built for all your PVP and Team PVP needs. Pvp and Team Pvp with custom per battle configurations, choose how you want the battle to go! Many different maps to choose from!
Ultra Hardcore World Test your survival skills in a seperate world with separate inventory, no health regen and real consequences for dying.
Expansive Spawn Region which grows often and contains many hidden secrets including things like[/size]
custom enchantments and unlockable pets
mcMMO Gain experience and rank up your skill and abilities with this classic plugin.
Custom Parkour [size=85]Custom built parkour levels to test your skills[/size].
And Much More...... and yes we are [size=200]cracked so anyone can join![/size]

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Age Of Elysian - Cracked - Towny - Slimefun


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