McPe Miners Paradise

Submitted by HiggsInc



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Join our server today! Minecraft Pocket edition for Win10, Andriod and iOS devices. 
Port: 19132

Prepare yourself for role-play, survival, Player-vs-Player battles, Faction clans, minigames and much more...x
Join us now,it's really fun

Our Features
- Factions(GuildWars)
- Multiworld Support
- Economy
- Plots & Builds
- PvP Realms
- 1vs1 PvP Duel
- Cheap Ranks with Powerful Perks
- PvP Kits
- Vote Rewards
- Minigames (More to come)
- 99% Lag Free
- And Many More!!

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» Contact Admin
- Kik : Plaatjie_uK
- E-mail : [email protected]
**All donations go to improving the server and adding more features

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