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Factions - Survival - One Block - Cannon
Map XII Factions
SOTW: 07.24.2021 3PM EST, 7 Day Maps, WINE SPIGOT and awesome Factions KORE!
18Hr Faction Shields, Cane/Deadzone/Raiding Outpost ECO, Faction Boosters, Custom Enchants, Sandbots, Roam for everyone!, Shields, Throwable Ceggs, KOTH, Printable Gen Buckets, Stackable Spawners, Tier I- III Chunkbusters, Archer and Bard Classes, Explosive fishing rods, Potfill, Upgradeable Harvester Hoes with Token Shop w Items/Kits, Raid Timers, Meteors, Flawless Printer
Paypal Payouts
FTOP #1 120.00 Paypal / Cane Top 1st $35 Buycraft!
Be sure to join our Discord and grab the factions role in our @self-role-channel! Stay up to date on all our announcements!
JukeBox-Play Some Music whenever, GameBox-Play some games and Challenge friends, Quests, Chat Reaction, Casino, Token Shop with Unlockable Perks, Kits and Timed Ranks! Player Warps, Duels and a Warp PVP, Chest Sorting and Inventory Sorting, Beehive Info, Social Hugs/Cuddles/Slaps, Player Shops Market. Buy pets and level them up! Epic NO Water needed farms and epic furnaces, Unlockable Tags. Mazes, Mini Competitions, Vote Parties and so much more. Join us on our New Survival Journey!
Much like our skyblock but with a bunch of NEW features. Daily Shop, KOTH, Epic Jobs and quests, Marriage, Player shops coming soon!, Limited Nether access. PVP. One Block Top every 2 months gets Buycraft Payouts!
Cannon Server
Want to test your cannons on our flawless cannoning server. Includes Wine spigot and an awesome cannoning setup! Releasing Soon!
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