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Left4Craft 1.17 Beta Survival | Creative | PartyGames
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Left4Craft is a small community server with the main gamemode being semi-vanilla Survival. It was never supposed to be a large server; rather, Left4Craft is a friendly community where most players know each other. Even when you’re out and can’t play, you can continue your conversations with players who are in-game with the custom Minecraft-Discord chat bridge.

With the low cost of budget Minecraft hosting, it is easy for anyone who has no idea what they are doing to start a Minecraft server. Here are some of the things that make Left4Craft better than most:
  • Over 7 years of history and experience. Hundreds of players have been part of the community, many have fond memories, and some older players are still active
  • Not run by incompetent staff--we have been doing this for years; we know what we’re doing. We are developers, we make things that will improve the server (like custom integrations with other platforms such as Discord, custom plugins etc)
  • High-quality plugins
  • Hosted on dedicated hardware (specialised for hosting game servers)
  • Each gamemode is on a separate server (with a custom plugin for cross-server chat) – you can keep playing even if one server is down
  • 99% uptime and 19.9 avg. TPS (lag-free) with public data on the status page (status.left4craft.org)
  • Donators are given fair and mostly cosmetic rewards 
  • Grief-free semi-vanilla Survival
  • Creative
  • Unique Zombies minigame
Website: left4craft.org

Wiki: wiki.left4craft.org

Discord server: discord.left4craft.org

Join at mc.left4craft.org

Please read the rules (left4.cf/rules) before playing!
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