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Chickencraft 1.16-1.17
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DChickenCraftD [1.8-1.18] #1 LifestealSMP | Kitpvp | Duels & more!
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Welcome to chickencraft The #1 LIFESTEALSMP,
Are you looking for the best public lifestealSMP? Are you bored of your everyday minecraft server? Checkout Chickencraft now! You can play with both bedrock & java on our unique server network!

What is the lifestealsmp?
The lifestealsmp means that you can steal hearts from other players, if you kill someone you get 11 hearts and they end up with 9 hearts! We added a limit of 50 hearts so it won't get too op!

How can i play on the server?
Are you interested in playing the lifestealsmp or the pvp network? Join now using:
Serverip: Port: 9001

Make sure you don't missout on the #1 lifesteal & pvp server!
Bedrock & java can both join our server!

Server features:
- LifestealSMP
- Vanilla 
- CrystalPVP
- Parkour

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