Hazecraft Network

Hazecraft Network

Server address: play.hazecraft.net


The Hazecraft Network is re-envisioning towns-based survival with class-based gameplay, encouraging players to work together and create something awesome together! Everyone starts off as equals, advancing through the Member and Citizens ranks before branching off into specialty branches.

The Settler focuses on building, creating, managing, and building towns. Ranking up through the Settler rank allows you to expand your town and gain additional abilities. 

The Explorer is the master of the wilderness and tanker of damage. Explorers get additional health, custom weapons/armor, and other benefits when ranking up.

The Inventor is a tinkerer and a crafter. Inventors are the mechanics of Hazecraft. They can repair damaged tools as well as craft special new ones.

The Mage is exactly what it sounds like. A crafter of magic and enchanter of powerful artifacts. They are able to shoot fireballs and get other special abilities.

In addition to our class-based survival gameplay, we have well-made events and amazing community/staff-created dungeons & adventures that give you great loot, tons of custom recipes and several challenging unique mobs.

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Hazecraft Network


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