Hazecraft Network Minecraft Server

Hazecraft Network Online
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8 / 150
BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x
United States
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The Hazecraft server network focuses on a fun close knit server group. We have 3 game servers at the moment. 

Most popular right now is our newest server, Kingdoms, which features RPG styled gameplay focused for PVE and base building. It has features including a rank based class system, custom crafting, custom terrain generation, and lots and lots of custom mobs and mob systems. It is mostly released with a few features (such as dungeons and raid bosses) still in development. 

Secondly is our Classic server, where we go when we want to think of the good old days of our server, or to simply blow off steam from kingdoms. It features land claim base building and ranks to upgrade that as the central core of its gameplay. 

Finally, we have a Skyblock server, however that is likely to be redone soon. 
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