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SteeltonMC: Simply Minecraft: Server wipe/Fresh map 1.18 12/01/2021

Message from the Owner, Classic.

- Thank you for showing interest in our server.
Let me give you a personal introduction and welcome to our community, as well as what to expect in-game.
Our player base is made of both young and old. Generations apart all coming together to play something we enjoy.

We do not have any Hubs, no special game modes, or PayToWin LootCrates
You log in, are greeted with our beautifully crafted spawn, created by the players.

We offer a safe and positive community excited to meet new gamers.
Our vision is to create the perfect Survival server with a good group of players who all have something to offer.
Run by a small and interactive Staff team consisting of our long-lasting members.

/Wild to get started or walk and build on the outskirts.

Join community-created towns or begin a solo adventure.

*We have several plugins in place to enhance the multiplayer experience. Such as the ability to set home, claim your land, and so on.
*Our server is set on Hard mode.
*We offer a player-run economy, create a shop of your very own in our Server Market, and become the entrepreneur you always wanted.
*Full server Dynmap

So please, log on and give us a tour! We would love to have you.
PS. Many things have been added since, we now have a creative world and a mythic mobs world coming out shortly as of 5/14/22  We also have many events happening every month such as double mcmmo XP and Building Contests!!
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