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[Hard]SteeltonMC: Survival Semi-vanilla
SteeltonMC- Simply, Minecraft

     Our server is a semi-vanilla survival server set on hard mode. Hard mode means that there are lots of mobs and hunger.  Semi means that we have a few
plugins to make management of the map and your arrival, a little easier. From the start you get a few basic commands: /home, /sethome, /tp, and others. 

     We are also a PvP community, so play carefully... be smart.  Every server has some rules, and we are no exception. Read them at spawn, obey them, and
you'll be fine.  We are not a taxi service and we will not tp you. Don't hack or cheat, and respect the staff. Otherwise, you'll have to face the consequences.
     Stealing, killing, and griefing are all allowed, so be prepared. We do have a way to make claims to protect your home, but good PvP-ers and griefers may still
find a way in.. so please ask if you're unsure. See our tutorial on claiming land via a command block at spawn. If you hate PvP, then we suggest that you travel
far away from spawn in the overworld or tunnel through the nether. Team play is encouraged but not required. If you are here to survive and be part of a great
community in the process, you'll have a great time. If you love to build, our claims system will ensure that your work is protected. We love great builds!

SteeltonMC Information Guide

     *Welcome to SteeltonMC, we hope you enjoy your time on our server. To help you get started, we have included answers and helpful links to most of your
frequently asked questions. 
     *If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to post it below, or join us on the server. Someone should be there who can help you.
We have rules, restrictions, and regulations all in place here at Steelton with a fairly high standard that we try to maintain. However Owners can and will make
final decisions on the way situations are handled and dealt with in all server related aspects. It is asked that you please not question and/or interfere with
 decisions made and executed by higher ranks. Suggestions are always encouraged and evaluated if they have to deal with relevant, pressing matters and
are addressed in a formal, adult manner.
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