MineCraft_Gallifrey 1.11.2

MineCraft_Gallifrey 1.11.2

Server address: minecraftgallifrey.com


MineCraft_Gallifrey Server is a family friendly, semi-vanilla server run by Pinkelephant1112, and her amazing, friendly staff! Gallifrey has been going for about 2 years strong! Open to the public, so anyone can join. Gallifrey is inspired by Doctor Who, but not based on it. Non-Whovians can still play and understand everything we have to offer! Armed with grief preventive plugins, you wont have to be worried about your builds being destroyed by any pesky griefers! Claims are enabled in all 3 worlds (overworld, nether, and end). Keep inventory is on the the overworld. Everything you need can be found at spawn. We are a vote to advance server, with a dozen ranks to start. We are NOT pay to win!! 

All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to build? 

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MineCraft_Gallifrey 1.11.2


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