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Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x
United States
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-=]||[ Minetown ]||[=- Mining since 09/2010!
Minetown is a classicsurvival server that has been around since September of 2010. We have a fun and
friendly community and we welcome every type of player! Our unique survival
experience features economy, regular and special events, and much more. Join us
in-game at mt.gg or on our forums at minetown.net  Economy €“ Our economyrevolves around the player. The server currency can be obtained in a variety of
ways, making it easy for all players to get involved in the economy. A widely
used method to obtain currency would be to set up shop in any location or in
our market area. Prices of items are not server regulated, giving the player an
equal chance to succeed in the economy. In addition, many normally unobtainable
items are available in the admin shop near the center of spawn.  Spawn €“ Minetown's spawnarea is simple and small, allowing new players to find their way out quickly
and easily. We also feature a rail system that stretches to the furthest areas
of the map, allowing players to build as close to spawn or as far away as
desired. History €“ Minetown hasbeen around since September of 2010. We€™re proud to be one of the oldest
servers around! In the last 8 years, we€™ve had the opportunity to build up some
rich history, and a dedicated community of friendly players. In all of our history
there have only been three survival maps €“ Classic, Agharta and Main. Our
website has been running just as long as our server, and we are proud to have
over 47,000 registered users on our Enjin forum! Freedom €“ Having beenaround for a long time has allowed us to design a system of rules and a
collection of plugins that allow us to improve everyone€™s playing experience
without impeding on anyone€™s freedom. Our server guidelines and rules can be
found in detail on our website if there are any questions about what is or is
not allowed. Staff €“ Our staff isjust as friendly as our community and are ever present to make sure that we can
provide as much enjoyment as possible. To ensure staff do not ruin the player€™s
experience, they are subjected to strict policies to make sure your playing
experience is fair and enjoyable. 
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