Legendary Empire - Towny - McMMO - Jobs - Custom terrain

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    Welcome to Legendary Empire!

    Legendary Empire is a brand new Minecraft towny server with over 27 different ranks obtainable by everyone! All players can get these ranks and they come with different perks such as multiple homes, nightvision and lots more cool perks! You obtain these ranks by getting a higher McMMO power level, and during weekends and other special days, there is a McMMO multiplier going, means you will get the double, or maybe three times as much McMMO XP! We also have a fun economy! Items can’t be spawned in or bought from a server shop, instead all items bought and sold are obtained by players! Players can rent a shop-plot in the /market! We encourage players to create towns and play with others! If you need help do /help to open the in-game help menu, or ask a staff member or another player!

    We can't wait to play with you!