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--- Mine Realms --- Feudal PvP - Skyblock

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by MythicGhoul, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. MythicGhoul

    MythicGhoul New Member

    //---- Mine Realms ----\\

    Mine Realms is a Feudal Medieval based server
    with Professions giving players an RPG feel
    Choose your Social Class and professions.

    Peasant: Farmer, Miner, Hunter etc.
    Commoner: Assassin, Blacksmith, Alchemist etc.
    Noble: Squire, Knight, Baron, King.

    Each with its own Attribute buffs, as you level your profession up your attributes go up as well!
    All these choices define your game play and how you journey the land.
    We are currently creating our first command block Dungeon! So get
    Ready for that!

    Players have access to SkyBlock right from spawn when you join

    We use a custom world built by the owner, hope you like it :) the world it 2000 x 2000

    //---- Specs ----\\
    5GB Ram
    80 Slots

    //---- Pugins ----\\