Mythacre: Very friendly, Bungee server [Fun survival][Hard survival][Skyblock][Creative]

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    Server name: Mythacre
    Server ip:
    Server website:

    Mythacre (1.12.2) has been running for 3 years & has built up a really friendly community of awesome players already.
    Staff are all 20+
    We have just recently changed over to Bungee to offer our players old & new a variety of different servers to play on including fun survival, hard survival, skyblock & creative. Each server is connected in global chat so we still are joined as a community.
    We also have Discord where players and staff can get to know each other.

    Mythacre: (Fun survival)

    Server features: McMMO, Jobs, Economy, PVE, Marriage, Brewery, Backpack, Lucky Blocks, Chestshops, Auctions, grief prevention.
    A very chilled out server where you can build without the worry of being griefed, killed or stolen from as it is not allowed.
    Pvp is not turned off but you can only pvp if you are in one of our arenas or players agree to it.
    Keep inventory is on so no worries if you die. You can brew your own drinks which will make you drunk ingame. Make your own shop, get married and buy & sell.

    Mytheden: (Hard survival)

    This server is set on hard. No protection, grief & raiding is allowed as well as pvp. You can only set a home with your bed. To make it even harder i have added Disease & Thirst. No economy but you can trade through your GUI.
    If you like to play hard, this is the server for you!

    Skymyth: (Skyblock)

    Fun challenges, Choice of 3 different islands, Minishop & also spawn shop,
    Each player can place a Welcome Warp Sign on their island to enable other players to warp, Island level ranking based on block values. Soon to come mob arenas.

    Mythbuild: (Creative)

    Choose the plot you want (4 plots per player) Merge them into one for bigger builds. Let your creative mind take over :)

    Just pop by & say hello, you never know you might just want to stay ;)