Purple Prison using multiple posts to funnel to the same server.

Discussion in 'Server Support' started by Beanscraft, Apr 17, 2019.

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    Sorry if this is not the way to do this, I'm not aware if there's any precedent set for reporting servers on this site.

    Purple Prison is this server: https://minecraftlist.org/server/4845

    And this one: https://minecraftlist.org/server/11365

    Yesterday I caught their owner, sachino#9399 on discord, using the same two listings on minecraft-server_net. I called him out in the discord server of that site and he openly admitted to this. (I have screenshots, and the messages have not been deleted.) The owner of minecraft-server_net allows this because the owner of Purple Prison pays a lot of money towards that site to deceive players into going to their server. Please ban Purple Prison off of minecraftlist.org, greedy sachino surely makes a lot more back then he gives. If these server lists want to succeed over time then they need to have integrity and ban cheaters that suck traffic away from smaller servers like my own.

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    As a quick update: Debaucus, the owner of that other site is not as OK with it as that server owner would like you to believe.