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    Traditionally, players have to wait 24 hours between votes. This is how most server list sites work. It's an easy way to rate limit voting.

    But in recent months we've received feedback from both server owners and players that they would like more flexibility because people might play at different times of the day. So I might play from 9 to 11 PM on Friday and then 6 - 8 PM on Saturday and in that case I would not be able to vote on Saturday -- because even though it's a different day 24 hours have not passed since my previous vote.

    Here's a great picture that a server owner sent in to explain how this would play out over the course of 5 days:

    If we use calendar day voting, a player with a natural pattern of getting online will be able to vote 5 times in 5 days. Under the current system (24 hour voting cooldown), they will only be able to vote 4 times.

    To be clear, we are not considering switching over entirely to calendar day voting. The current proposal is to let the server owner choose the voting policy for their server. As a server owner, you may have reasons to NOT allow this flexibility for your players because of how rewards are set up on the server.

    In our poll on Twitter, about 75% of server owners said they prefer the calendar system.

    This forum thread is to continue our discussion so that everyone gets a chance to present their opinions and concerns. Specifically, seeking comments on:
    - Do you see any problems with having server owners choose their voting policy?
    - Since this is a change, the proposal is to keep all current servers' voting policy to 24-hour and let the server owners edit their server settings on MinecraftList to switch to calendar day if they want it. So it's opt-in rather than opt-out.