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This Server is a Faction Server. You can make a Faction and have other People Join it. There is also a Shop in the Server for buying stuff. If you want to buy stuff from the Shop you need to get Money. To get Money you need to Donate to the Server or do Tasks. There is also one Mini Game so if you get Bored of Factions you can play it. If you are a new Player you could also receive 9999 Dollars once you Join. Animals do not Spawn or Move so I added Food in the Shop. In Chat you are allowed to Swear so don't worry about getting Banned. Role Plays are allowed. We are looking for Server Helpers. Are Website does not currently help with the Server. If you have anymore Questions ask us in the Server. If anyone is able to Donate please do so. Donate to the Server with Leet Co-Payments.
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