Fantasy Island

Submitted by Enrick3344


Fantasy Island

Fantasy island, where you'll be having a ball the moment you join! Filled with fun including Survival, Lucky Blocks, Skywars, plots and more, you won't want to leave! We have an awesome team of staff who are always ready to help if there's trouble.

Vote for the server and earn awesome rewards including the selection of a group, in-game money and items!

Like the server and want to help out by joining our staff? There are two possible ways: you can donate at for VIP, Admin or OP, or you are able to vote everyday of a month at! 
You will need to download "Slack" to be able to join our team. It's free for both mobile and desktop devices.

Any questions or problems? Feel free to contact Enrick3344 via these services:
Email: [email protected]
Kik: enrick3344
Twitter: enrickFortier01

Visit our website at, and follow us on twitter! @fantasyislandmc

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