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StarMaster McPe
Are You Ready Play StarMaster
-FactionBuild Our Base Make Friend Build Base On Survival , Island And Nether Only Raider, Scammer, Griefter Steal Betray Is Allowed Be Careful
-Roleplay We Have City, High School And Some Rank You Can Buy House Contact Staff To Buy House On Roleplay World Only That No PvP No Unbreakable Everything Is Protection
-Rank are You Feeling Evil Or Good? No Problem We HaveIt Rank Choice To Get Rank On Sign Board
-You can get Custom Enchanted By Vote Only
-That's Player Vault Like Private Vault
-Rank Donated VIP Have Command Fly, Heal, Repair, And More. Donate

Creative PlotCreative Can Claim Plots To Build You Own On Plots
Enjoy It And Play You Can Friend With Staff And OwnerGoodLuck Play
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