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Please take a moment to read about our server.Welcome to SurvivalTime!Many people get confused as they join and don't know what to do. Reading this will help you out.When you join the server, the first thing you will see is a lobby with two chests on each side of you, which are the Crate Chests (which can be opened using Crate Keys), and it is supposed that in front of you there is an S which is the initial of our server (SurvivalTime). Go to that place by choosing one of the two stairs, and pay attention to the signs (they are the rules of the server). If you wish, you can press the sign in front of you to read the rules that are not visible.After reviewing, reading and accepting the rules, walk back to the warps area, where all available games and areas are listed. Touch one of the signs to go to that game and learn more about it. If for example, you touch the homestead sign and you see the faction signs around you will probably understand that it refers to the survival area, in which you can build your home and grow your faction.Inside the server, there is a lot you can do. Please do not forget to visit our forums and leave your suggestion, to make our server more entertaining!We have several constructions of our own, and even secret places to be explored. Everything has been very dedicated, and taking into account several small details, to be able to make sure and hope that your experience in the server is the best in any other!Lastly, do not forget to vote daily to receive $1000 of virtual money, haste effect for 300 seconds of level 3 and cool rewards! No doubt, voting daily will help you grow on the server (and much more if you invite your friends and create or join a faction).Links List:Official website: survivaltimepe.comVoting page: page: page:
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