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Welcome to ThunderCraft!

This server has been restarted and because it is restarted, we can add more features unlike before like:

Yes roleplay, we didnt have roleplay before so players who wants a roleplay server can join here and roleplay with each other, we will be also having ranks like:
  • Nerd
  • Chearleader
  • Jock
  • Popular / Famous
  • Rebel
  • Emo
  • Greek
and more to know what group you belong! For those who wants to apply as a teacher, please call Turtle_Cait and apply now! If Cait isn't online, ask XxXcalibarxX or any staff online like asheecats (yeah its meh xD), Simplefrance, XxMineModderxX. If still, then wait.
School is not the only one we will be building for Roleplay but of course, hotels, beach, restaurants, church, malls, and more!

There are some features that would be upgraded.

PvP : 
Yes, PvP was boring and modern before (ok lol, I build modernish), I was the only one who built PvP before, we'll make PvP even bigger and not modernish.

MiniGames :
Maybe, we will be making the difficulty harder than before and add more games for players!


If you have any suggestions, please do tell us! ^_^
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