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What?! The well-known mini-games server “FunCraft” is coming back with a new name called EaseCation , which you guys must have heard of before. Today, we have rewritten all the plug-ins, used Nukkit as the server-side and original trans-sevice software named Nemisys, in order to afford thousands of players together as well as to provide you guys with the most influent and happiest gaming feeling.

On the basis of transferring the previous games, we optimize the game framework, solve bundles of problems and especially add in the brand new shopping system and ranking system. We hope it will bring about more game-playing enthusiasm. What is more, all of the game maps are created by us or get accredited from the game creators. Furthermore, we will not illegally use some server’s map. So, the following introduce the games that we have now.

In future, we will add more funny mini-games, for example, DropRun.GunFight, Go-Kart and so on the black-tech mini-games will come out one after the other
At that time, mini-games servers of EaseCation will brace the new generation!

┡━ How to join rooms?
│In the lobby, you will see a NPC named 'Fast Join'.
│Just touch him, you will join the rooms auto!
│You can also choose the rooms by touch the signs in the lobby!

At last, thanks the youtuber YFGamer360 record our server!
[NOVO] Server De The Walls | FunCraft | Minecraft…:http://youtu.be/cP8f-GB1x94

We also opened another server in port: 19130 Steve VS Zombie!
It is really cool!

Have fun in our games!
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