Kaden's Eleet - Creative Craft


Submitted by KadenTheGod


•IP: Eleet.leet.cc
•Port: 45248

•Owners Kik: Lexhys 
(Only message for help or business inquiries)

•A Primarily creative and Roleplay server. Plots, Yandere, City's, and other fun roleplay worlds are available. Players can also build in the plots world. 

•Why play Kadens ELEET?
Kadens ELEET doesn't ask for donations, nor leave anyone out! Join and start building and roleplaying! PvP is also available for you, unyielding Warriors!

•We no longer accept Leet donations! Please visit our website to donate!

•*Updated with Hungergames and Spleef. Working on Skywars. Yandere High School was Also added.

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