VoidFactionsPe (Official)


Submitted by James1100



Welcome to VoidFactionsPE!
VoidFactionsPE was closed down, but it's now back up and running! Like the good old days.
Features it has to offer:

* Amazing Warzone.
* Youtube rank info.
* Amazing spawn!
* Nice staff!
* Hacking is allowed, such as Toolbox, duping is allowed, any type of hack apart from Griefing related hacks or force op.
* Drop Party area!
* Vote to get awesome gear! Features it has:

* We have no shop, so if you don't want to wait for Drop Partys every 10 minutes, you can vote @ http://tinyurl.com/vote4voidfactions
* Diamond gear
* Diamond sword
* 64 Enchanted god apples.
* 64 Cobblestone
* 64 Obsidian
* 64 Normal god apples.
* Voter rank
* 30k money in game!
Enjoy your time here!
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