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Welcome to VoidFactionsPE! We have made several changes to almost everything to the server, and what server software it uses. Since MCPE v1.2.0 was released, we worked extremly hard on getting a plugin which allows you to change your MCPE username IN game (On the server) so you don’t lose progress on that account you worked on. Here are the features we have for you:* Enchants now work properly, as well as function.* As of the v1.2.0, you are now able to join the server with any username. Here’s how to do it. 1. Go on the factions server using this ip: or voidfactionspe.tk 2. Go to settings. 3. Click VoidMinerPE Name changer menu. (Under the server category) 4. Then change your name and you’re all good to go!* Chats, and commands now work properly, when you do a /* Now possible to change your skin, In game. (This means you can change your skin on the server.)* Added OP kits for everyone, and special ranked players too.* And so much more!Join the server now! You’re missing out.
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