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This is a MCPE Roleplay server.

ah, yes. I know what you€™re thinking .

€another one?€ Pscch 
ours isn€™t like most others though, we don€™t have terrible lag and rarely get hacked. We also rarely go on whitelist. We only do go on whitelist when we€™re updating our map, which we don€™t plan to do for a while.

We€™d really appreciate it though if you€™d join our small server to make it a bigger and better one! :)


owner : VintageErica
CoOwners : BonNom7 , AprilHolly
builders : BonelessXbandit, KemuriTheCat, CaptainKMS, SugarSenpai

If you need help with anything , ask any other players or the staff listed above.

and if you join,
as always,
Have Fun, Stay safe. :)
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