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Hi, welcome to VoidFactionsPE. This server is the non OP factions, where you'll find no OP stuff that could be on the other server (VoidOPFactionsPE). Here, you will find:
Two crates system - Which one of them you can get from voting, and the other one which is for donating!
Shop and sell - There's barely if not, no exploits on this version of the server. There are some bugs with /shop that we work on fixing soon!
Less OP = better PvP system, and more advantages
Fair ranks!
ChatScrambler - New chat scrambler messages, and less money, which means a better Factions experience!
New prefixes on all commands - Better prefix = More cooler! Check it out!
New endless parkour at spawn - We basically have a parkour system, where you can parkour, but there's a cach - There's no checkpoints. The aim of this parkour course, is to see how far you can go without failing! This can be good for testing / practicing your parkour skills.
You no longer die from the void - No fear! You will no longer dye from the void. No need to worry about falling off the void, you'll get saved instantly. Trust our instinct!
Balanced economy - If you don't like being too Overpowered with money, and like a balanced economy system, then why not join this server, where you can have a balanced economy!
No longer being too OP - Do you hate when you or other people get too OP so easily? Well, you can join this server, where you won't get OP so quickly!
You can build up, up and away! Build your bases in the faction world, where you can then: Invite faction members, create a clan, and maybe also take a bite, with our new looks of spawn, nice builds, and so much more.
Our goal is to be the number 1 faction server with many unique features!
The server has now been released!! Join now everyone!
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