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✭ Hi! ✭
✭Who am I?✭
I’m the Owner of PlexCraft.
I am 14 years old and I’m trying to run a successful server.

✭Why am I running it?✭
Well first ofc i’d like to see my server grow and get more players since that’s a great feeling and I like meeting great people to play with.

✭What does your server offer?✭
1. SkyWars
2. Skyblock
3. Factions
4. Mazes
5. Parkours
And we might add other great MiniGames too.

✭Do you have a discord server?✭
Ofc we do, please join It to apply for Staff and always get notified if we release something.

✭Do you have a KiK server too?✭
Not yet but if needed, I am sure we will add that too.
✭Do you need Staff?✭
Yeah, we really need loyal and trustworthy Builders, make sure to apply for it!

✭What are you waiting for, join now!✭
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