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This is a Minecraft bedrock survival server; The Ip is, port is 20014. You are able to join on Xbox, switch and ps4 <#686577337495584809>. Some internet service providers don't allow the dns to be changed, so I provided other methods. We have a subreddit called r/Talevile. When talking on the server try to stay pg some things are ok, but others aren't.

If you do not follow these rules it could lead to a ban or kick.

1. No stealing, hacking, griefing or duplicating items.

2. No killing anyone without a valid reason.

3. Please be respectful to everyone.

4. No leaking the coordinates to anyone's base that is private.

5. No harassing anyone at all.

6. Please respect others religion or religious beliefs.

7. No sending inappropriate images or links in any chat.

8. No disobeying the higher ups.

9. Using an alt to avoid ban is not okay and will result in another ban.

10. No dm advertising (sending invites to people who didn't ask for invite) it is a part of the terms on Discord.

11. No disobeying the rules or disrespecting them.

12. No begging, or spamming in chats, you will get a 10 hour mute, do not also spam in Minecraft
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