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Bagnides (BAG-nee-dehs) is a WHITELISTED 1.18 Survival MultiPlayer server that takes inspiration from Empires SMP. The main focus of this server is to create empires.

Thanks to the Geyser plugin, both Bedrock and Java players can join. Any player can create an empire and become its ruler just by saying so. Nonetheless you can play however you like as long as you follow the rules, i.e., interacting with these empires or making one is not compulsory. We also have custom advancements regarding empire creation.

Phantoms are disabled! You can get phantom membranes from killing bats or wandering traders. One player suffices to skip the night. Also, we have a graves plugin and some Vanilla Tweaks datapacks installed

If you'd like to join (and are over 18 years old), please apply in our Discord:
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