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Brand MineCraft Anarchy Server! Created 17/01/2022! Owner - RealQualityy

I am a Facebook Gaming Live Streamer & This world is created for me and my followers to chill & mess about in.

I will be working Hard behind the scene Growing The player base, Building on the server, Hosting events, Added updates, Adding Mods & many custom features to this server as time goes on! Make sure you start your base early! Get your headstart on the reset!

Currently there are no rules for this server! Raiding is allowed so hide you BASES! Do not bully other players! *Raiding someone is not classed as bullying someone! Bullying someone is messaging someone insulting them and giving them a hard time on the server!

This is a Bedrock Server! Meaning you can play this server on Pc, Xbox, PS4, Mobile & Switch! Please so not try to damage the server in anyway will result in perma ban!*Means no Ddos attacks or anything on the server network* Anything destroyed in the World is ok!

- Added Economy *HelpCoin* (18/01/2022)
*Working on making Shops & Way to earn HelpCoin*

Staff List *Edited 18/01/2022*
Owner - RealQualityy
Co-Owner - Imnotawizard97
Admin - *Empty*
Admin - *Empty*
Moderator - *Empty*
Moderator - *Empty*
Builder - *Empty*
Builder - *Empty*

Server is Hosted By ApexHosting! Server Uptime will stay 99.9%!

Thank you for reading! Hope to see you in the server! Take Care!
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