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Cristalix Bedrock Edition is an updated project on the new edition of the game.  We adapt games from across the Cristalix chassis and bring you the opportunity to enjoy unique and addictive games:

— Custom Steve Chaos
Perhaps the main hype on the project, do you agree?  Fight as a team, fight in pairs, duel and place your bets!

— Color control
Capture points with the whole team and prevent your opponents from winning.  This game will not let you get bored

— Prison
Do you want to relax a little after a hard day and have fun?  Then this mode is for you!  Get resources, upgrade, become the authority of all gangs!

— skywars
Love the classics?  Please!  Build up to the islands, loot and defeat opponents with your sharp blade and wits!

SkyWars LuckyBlock
Don't like normal mode?  Then we will make it extraordinary!  Play for luck and let it be.  Knock out the top item from lucky blocks and defeat the rest!

This is only a small part!  Other mini-games you can see for yourself:
  - PORT: 19132

We support the newest version of Minecraft Bedrock.
Have a nice game!
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