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What is PrimeGames?
PrimeGames is a unique server for the popular indie sandbox videogame Minecraft: Pocket Edition
We offer a variety of popular game types such as Skyblock, Prison, Creative & More
The server itself currently features at least 6 different minigames, with many more planned. 
Primegames is based in the EU but welcomes NA players, we have players join us from all around the globe!
We are a relatively new server (under a year old) currently running versions,
Some things about us
  • Multiple game types to play
  • Website with forums & wikipedia (in progress)
  • Family Friendly
  • Strict No Advertising, No Profanity Policy!
  • Active community with regular returning players
  • In-game Voting Rewards
  • Giveaways for TOP Voters every month!
BeamierBerry518 , Bossness99YT , King Crispin05 , ItsEteeweetee , Snugglebug2004 , mommymisti , Freekeebs , BlazingBest , WorkedGymnast94 , BeakedJaguar648 ,

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