Imperial Creative PE

Submitted by Cad


Come join us on ICPE for some fun!!
We have RolePlay, FreeBuild, Survival Mode, Survival Games (more arenas Coming Soon!), 
The Dropper, and coming soon: Sky Wars, Turf Wars, Build Battle, & Find The Button.
If you want us to make a minigame, join our discord server and mention Cad_Bane akaPre Visla and tell him that game! 
IP:   n5304.pocket.pePort: 5304
Social Media/Website Links:Website: https://imperialcreativepe.simdif.comDiscord: @ICPE_OwnerInstagram: @icpe_ownerYouTube: ImperialCreative PEPinterest: Soon To Come!Hope to see you there!!
               ~Cad_Bane, server Creator.

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