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-=]CHAOS[=-Is an addictive Mincraft Pocket Edition Servers Network that was created in the 8th of April during 2016 on Friday at 22:02:25 GMT+0 It's known as Chaos for shortWe have a collection of games that you can play to have fun in our server1- PrisonThe main game we have in our serverPrison is a game which consists of mining blocks to sell them to gain money to rankup to a higher rank and to unlock more blocks to build in plotsWe have 26 ranks (A-Z), each group of ranks has their own prison, pvp mine and NLP (None Laggy Prison for low-end devices)The main prison:The D Mine in the main prison:The secondary prison (can be accessed when you reach E rank):The E Mine in the secondary prison:2- The ParkourParkour is about jumping from a block to a block to complete levels and gain money from completing themWe currently have 4 levels, we are building moreStarting point:Level 2, 3 and 4:3- The creative mode PlotsPlots are 32x32 chunks which each player can claim two of them to build anything s/he wants while in creative modeSome blocks are locked until you rank up in prison4- The MazeThis is an unfinished immense 400x500 mazeThere are no benefits of playing it yetYou can find a more detailed description of the server at the server's website bit.ly/chaos-homeYou can contact us at bit.ly/chaos-contact-usScreenshots of the server:The spawn:The unfished medieval houses in the spawn:The giant tower in the spawn:Inside the giant tower:
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