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Welcome to JaneCraft! We recently made a brand new project everyone would love. Me and our team have worked on this project for about a week now, and made it possible for release.We made: Factions, Survival, Wild,  pvp maps , And more! We plan to add more as the days go by in the future! Come and join the server! We'd love to hear from your feed back! How to vote? 1: Vote on this website using the green vote button. 2: Enter your (in game name) to vote. 3: Go on the server and /vote. Done! You should have: Mob Spawner, Building Supplies, Chosen ranks, Speed, Bow and arrows, Diamond Sword and Diamond armour. Also, a chest too and 10k Money reward, and also: 1k Experience levels, and /heal! All in one just for voting! Vote now, and Earn those things! You could be easily super OP just by voting!

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