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Welcome To The First, running MCPE NETWORK JaneCraft!We aren't just any Network, we apply to: Nice staff, A lot of things to do! Never get bord! Always play with friends! XBox Login compatibility, 0.15.0 Compatible, Get your own TexturePack, Factions - Make your faction the best! Survival - Survive the night! Will you make it? Multiple Worlds: Go to more than one world on the server... Make sure you come out alive... - Factions Wild - Use your pvp Combat and Use your fisty, mighty, scary armour, bows, and weapons! Make them enchanted to make it more intense.. And also, armour, Weapons, and bows direbility... RolePlay - Play a little roleplay to make you happy! We're thinking of improving roleplay in the near future!Come and join the server for more intensing, skills!What we have coming soon...?Parkour - Little but of intensing parkour... Easy, medium and hard... Get money for winning!Prison - Mine, and sell to get money, That's all it takes.More wild - Make factions wild a little better..More compatibilitys - Make JaneCraft have a little more than just Every server should have. New mobs, automatic spawning, Animal spawns, Make rails function and fixes, Make redstone a little better..Bug fixes - Make a little more fixes on the way!OP Factions - Factions, but Better!Health Above your tag - Want to see how many hearts a player has but don't want to ask? Just Look! Tap the player to see the health!Make raiding a little better.. - What we mean by this, is: Mob spawning, Creeper explosings to get in to bases, And more!What else more do you want..? Tell us! We'll try making it possible. (:
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