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Welcome To TheCraftersMC. One of the 100th Best Server, Played with over 10,000 Players. Yes, i know the slots go up to 25, But in total ammount of players played are over 10,000. So Come and join now, As we have: Parkour: Play alot of parkours & Get items and sell them at the shop. Factions: Raid bases, Make bases, Invite your Own members to your own clan, and more. Economy: Get alot of money, Be in /baltop, Has what rank you are on the topmoney, and more. Prison: Go to mines, Mine and earn money, Get rich, And more. Mini-Games: We have averitey of Games. Such as: Hide & Seek, UHC, Cops & Robbers, Tag, Kitpvp, Bralpvp, BountyHunters, CTF, and more. And Much More To Come: In 0.14.0, Our staff team will be doing a huge Improvements on the mini-Gqmes. such as: Kitpvp, And maps. We wont spoil anything. some Games may be removed. Our team willl sort this out. We want our players to have a better Experiance On TheCraftersMC. Our staff will be doing a huge 0.14.0 Update, It may include alot of bug fixes,New games/Maps, And more. stay tuned. From -TheCraftersMC Team

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