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= Welcome! =
Welcome to Cubic Craft! Your unforgettable adventure starts here.
-Start from the bottom and work your way up through the ranks in Factions!
-Explore a beautiful lobby!
-Dominate in Global Events and (possibly) win Free Kits!
-Mini games coming soon!

= Want to support us? =
You can help us in many ways!
-You can donate to us! Download the "Leet Co-Payment" app and follow the provided instructions. Send over some credits and we'll give you some in-game items/ranks for your help! Thanks!
-You can vote for us! Even if you don't donate, you can still help us by voting. You'll also receive in-game items for your help. Thank you!

= Want your own server? =
Get some amazing deals before running your server!
- Download the "Leet Minecraft Servers" app. Before running the server, make an in-app purchase and enter the referral code R4016F0 (all 0's are zeroes). You will receive 20% more credits than normal and support us at the same time! Get building!
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