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This Server Is A Factions, But It Has A Better Gameplay Than Factions, It Has Stores And Sell Items!
If You Get Iron,Coal,Diamond,Emerald,Redstone,Etc You Can Sell It For Different Prices!
I Put Prices For Diamonds And Pickaxes And Stuff High So That It Would Be A Challenge!

Please Check Out My Youtube At:
I Do MCPE Servers,Mods,Etc Playthroughs!

I Also Have A Website At:

Thanks For Playing My Server Also!

My Name On This Server Is Hakkkuh!
If You See Me, I Will Problably Be Building In Crreative Mode Or Something.....

Dont Do AnyThing Bad In The Server!

To Donate, Search "Give Credits To In The AppStore And It Should Be The First One!

You Are Aloud To Kill! That's Basically What Factions Is, Is Teaming!

Please Give A Good Rating!                                                                                                                                                                                                            
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