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» Forgotten-Empires: Yggdrasil. [Towny Reforged], With more coming soon!
Announcement:  The portal to the Land of the Dead has opened up on the Towny Server!!

------[Forgotten Empires : Yggdrasil]------  
Our new Network offering:  

--[Towny:Reforged]-- Family friendly 1.12.2, our flagship server. So much more than just Towny, it's an immersive experience! Offering free ranks through time played & McMMo, you can claim & expand with Towny, explore the wilderness, follow quests, battle custom mobs in their unique dungeons. Or sit back at the server tavern to enjoy a brew and play some games (./gb) You don't like taverns, brew your own custom cocktail! Much more to discover, come and check it out and meet our friendly community!
For this server, the only mod we allow (and highly recommend) is Optifine.  

--[The Lab]-- minigame: Compete against other players to see who is can do the best at Dr. Zuk's experiments!

--[FortWhiteBR]-- minigame: Our version of Fortnite BR. Last man standing wins the game! 

------[1.13.2 Survival / Anarchy]------ 
This server is not on the same network (use IP above to join) and IS NOT DEEMED FAMILY FRIENDLY!
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