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Lanthyr Roleplay Server [Whitelist Access] Please visit us at ▶ ◀
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                                           Welcome to Lanthyr                            
Lanthyr is a new minecraft fantasy roleplay server in development. Featuring
our own original lore with a friendly staff and growing community, we
aim to provide fun and stories for years to come. It will be a world of
magic, of dangerous beasts and those who fight them, a world where heros
are not a thing of the past, but being forged before your very eyes!
Players will able to play their characters to their heart's contents. Dashing
rogues, grizzled veterans, the mage, all will be available. We aim to be
a player focused server above all else. A mature and diverse community
are already growing, and we hope you will be a part of it!
  • A multitude of plugins such as Brewery, LWC, Itemizer, and more, all to help create a deeper depth in roleplay
  • Original Magic to serve as a pursuit of knowledge and skill across the server
  • Original Creature and Alchemy lore to create an interesting take on minecraft mechanics and supplemented by roleplay specific
  • A helpful and welcoming staff and community to help you better fit in here on Lanthyr
  • A diverse cast of cultures to create a unique but not overbearing populace in game
So why not come by and join the Lanthyr Community today!
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