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About Karismic MC -
Karismic MC is an aspiring minecraft network with a dedicated staff and development teams. The server officially opened in March of 2018 featuring one gamemode, Factions. A little over half a year later, we have significantly grown our community and plan on turning Karismic MC into a minecraft network. There are plenty of servers out there, and plenty of network. You might be asking, why would I want to play Karismic? To that, all I can say is join and you will experience it for yourself. A staff team who truly cares about the server, working day and night on custom features, fixing bugs, and trying to grow our player base.

Factions -
Factions was the first gamemode we released, and over the past months it has developed into something special. Karismic Factions has the standard faction features: Factions, McMMO, PvP areas, frequent events, seasons, and more. In addition to the standard Factions features, we've developed unique aspects that effect gameplay that are unique to Karismic MC. Our warzone is unlike most warzones, it is home to our four main events: envoys (1hr cooldown), bosses (2hr cooldown), KoTH (7d cooldown), and outposts (permanently active). We have crates, a plethora of NPCs with various purposes, quests (daily, weekly, master, and monthly), a separate currency called Honor, custom enchants, custom armor and custom weapons, and so much more.. We could write on and on about all the game play aspects we've improved or implemented throughout our development process, but the only way for you to truly experience the combination of all of them is to join.

How to join the Karismic MC community -
Server IP - play.karismicmc.com
Discord - https://discord.gg/U4yxVzW
Website - https://karismicmc.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/KarismicMc
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