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[i][b]Minecraft 1.12.2[/b][/i]

Join a kingdom and battle for control of the world! Lathana Kingdoms is a roleplay server where you join a kingdom and help them grow, conquer and defeat their enemies in battle. The number of kingdoms is scaled to the number of players, so there will always be a kingdom for you, and will never be a kingdom with a single person. There are many plugins to add roleplay to the server such as MCMMO, Chairs, CraftBook, Factions and more. Join us and try it out! 

[b]Our Rules:[/b]
[1] Do not grief, even if you are raiding a kingdom.
[2] You may only attack and steal from a kingdom if you are at war.
[3] Stay in character at all times, use OOC if you have to break character.
[4] Do not exploit or cheat to gain access to rivals or materials.
[5] You may not betray your own kingdom. If you don't like it leave it!
[6] No spamming.
[7] No advertising.
[8] Respect other.

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